Virtual participation will be available to everyone registered for the conference.  Virtual participants will be offered real-time access to all presentations on 5/30/18, and all presentations assigned to room 914 on 5/31/18 and 6/1/18.  Registration also includes videotape access to all presentations in all rooms (for one or three days, depending on one day or full conference registration), available approximately 7-10 days after the conference.

Virtual participation will be provided through the GoToMeeting platform; and everyone registered for the conference will be sent the link for virtual participation upon request. After clicking on the link, the virtual participant will receive the GoToMeeting software download (takes 1-2 min), and he/she will be able to enter the "virtual room" of the conference.

We suggest you try the download prior to the conference, to avoid last minute problems.  If using a smartphone for your GoToMeeting connection, you will be asked to download the GoToMeeting app. This can be done in advance (and it might take 15-20 min for download, depending on your mobile phone service).  On each day of the conference, we will open the virtual room no later than 8:40 am EST, to provide enough time for virtual participants to figure out any technical issues.

For virtual participation assistance prior to the conference date, please contact the virtual participation coordinator, Inna Rozentsvit, by email [email protected] (use the subject line IPA VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE) or by phone/text at 1-646-522-1056.  During the conference, please call or text 1-646-522-0387 (identify yourself by name and ask for Virtual Assistance).

Virtual participants who experience poor internet connection for whatever reason (e.g. because of their location in rural areas or overseas or because of inadequate transmission speed) will need to rely on links to the presentation videos available to registrants approximately 7-10 days after the conference.