Understanding the Past, Shaping the Future

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We are academics, clinicians, and other  practitioners from diverse disciplines who seek to understand how history and public affairs shape and are shaped by individual and group psychology.  The IPA is open to all who wish to study, teach, and conduct research in psychohistory.


                                    LINKS TO ANALYSES OF CURRENT EVENTS                                       AND OTHER ARTICLES FROM PSYCHOHISTORY NEWS


Winter 2017

Finding and Being Found: Thoughts on the Evolution of Howard Stein's book Light and Shadow

One's Life Through the Looking Glass of Neuropsychiatric Disorder, by Dolores Brandon

Peter Petschauer's New Novel on Women in 18th Century Germany: An Interview

Fall 2016

Psychohistorian Interviews with Charles B. Strozier and Eli Zaretsky

Affect, Art, and Personal History, by Dorothea Leicher

J.A.S.P.E.R. by Burton Seitler and Grace Jackson

Summer 2016

Wounded Centuries, by Ken Fuchsman

On Race in Trinidad and Tobago, by Keisha V. Thompson

Art by Sandra Indig

Reconstruction of Reality, by Ted L. Cox

Spring 2016

A House Divided: The Republicans in 2016, by Ken Fuchsman

President's Report: The IPA Two Years Later, by Brian D'Agostino

Art by Sandra Indig

Bringing Psychohistory to One of France's Biggest Eco-Fairs, by Marc-Andre Cotton

Winter 2016

Understanding the Republican Group Fantasy, by Brian D'Agostino

In the Wake of Terrorist Attacks, by Marc-André Cotton

Fathering a Nation, he Sacrificed his Sons, by Souvik Raychaudhuri

Fall 2015

Behind the Crisis in Syria, by Brian D'Agostino

Mass Incarceration: Legacy of Racial Caste in America, by Gilda Graff

Mass Shootings and the Crisis of American Masculinity, by Harriet Fraad

Summer 2015

Hiroshima, Iran, and the Future of Nuclear Weapons, by Brian D'Agostino

White Genocide Fantasy and the Myth of the "Lone Wolf," by Denis O'Keefe

Mind's Wisdom: Neuroplasticity and Neurointegration as Tools for Post-traumatic Growth, by Inna Rozentsvit

Reflections on the Greek Bailout: The Agony of Greece, by Marc-Andre Cotton

Spring 2015

The Paris and Copenhagen Mass Shootings, by Marc-Andre Cotton, p. 1

Is Psychohistory a Science? (Clio's Psyche Internet dialogue), p. 1

A Clash of Barbarisms (Editorial on Islamic State), p. 2

Modi's India: Authoritarianism or Democracy, by Souvik Raychaudhuri, p. 8

Winter 2015

The Politics of Memory, book by Faye Snyder, review by Valerie Rose Brinton, p. 1

How Much Does Child Rearing Really Impact History? (Clio's Psyche internet dialogue), p. 1

French Psychotherapists Fight Back, by Marc-Andre Cotton, p.3

Behind the CIA Torture Report: Sadism, Power, & Behavior Modification, by Brian D'Agostino, p. 8

Fall 2014

From Islamic State to Kiev: Apocalyptic Fantasy and American Power, by Brian D’Agostino, p. 1

The Disheartening Life of Ferguson's Michael Brown, by Gilda Graff,p. 1

In the Name of the Father: the Bush Years and the Legacy of Childrearing Violence, by Marc-André Cotton, p. 2

Exploding the Anti-Immigrant Group Fantasy, Ariel Goldberger Blau, p. 8

Summer 2014

Changing the World: Teaching Parenting in Schools, Margaret Kind, p. 1

Life Affirming Strategies in the Maintenance of Existential Anxiety, Kristina Blake, p. 1

Spring 2014

A Courageous Jew For Our Time, by Norman Simms, p. 8

2014 IPA Convention Highlights, p. 1

Winter 2014

Changing the World: The Emotional Imprint Program, by Alice Maher, p. 1

Review of Goelitz and Stewart-Kahn's From Trauma to Healing, by Maria Mini, p. 5

Dialogue on Violence: Reply to Florian Galler, by Brian D'Agostino, p. 8

Fall 2013

Restoring the Mind of Black America (review essay), by Gilda Graff, p. 1

2013 IPA Convention Highlights, p. 1

We are the Monsters! Critical Review of the IPA Statement on Violence, by Florian Galler, p. 8

Winter 2013

How to End Violence in America, Statement of the International Psychohistorical Association, p. 12

Mass Killing: Why Are American Men Now “Going Postal?” by Harriet Fraad p. 1

On America’s Gun Culture, by Charles Strozier, p. 4

Why Do They Support Torture? (podcast)